What is a Zebra?

Nick is on a mission to help students unleash their zebra. No two zebras have the same stripes, just like no two humans have the same exact strengths. A Zebra is a person who embraces their uniqueness and is a confident leader. They understand and value their potential and purpose.

What is a Z-Coach?

In the wild, Zebras run in zigzags to escape from predators. The Z implies that the way to success is not always a straight line. As a  Z-Coach, Nick helps students to navigate through their lives by giving them the tools needed to go from Z to A so that they can be confident leaders.

How Do People Unleash Their Zebra?

Nick Zizi has developed a blueprint that has helped thousands of people unleash their zebras. He calls it the ZEBRA Method™ for Success. It is Z.E.B.R.A., which stands for: Zero In, Extract Value, Behave As If, Read and Attach to success.

And This Is Why Nick Has A Conviction To Help Students Unleash Their Zebra.

Nick Zizi’s ZEBRA Method™ for Success and teaching style comes from experience. Having faced many of the same personal and academic challenges his audiences have endured, Nick “gets it.” During his early childhood, he struggled through a continuous cycle of failure that began in kindergarten. He was overwhelmed with a crippling fear that could seemingly paralyze even the most gifted of minds. Furthermore, he would often doubt that he could forge ahead on a path to success.

So he tried to fit in. As a result of associating with the wrong friends, Nick went to three different High Schools due to altercations. Several years passed before Nick could reach within and find the courage to overcome his disappointment.

It was the Z-Print for Success that enabled Nick to unleash his Zebra.

When Nick finally embraced his uniqueness and purpose to become a confident leader, he was able to go on to earn two academic degrees. Nick “The Zebra” Zizi, became a youth motivational speaker, bestselling author of three books, radio personality and founder of two successful companies. He is also a philanthropist and the founder of the Nick Zizi Scholarship Foundation that annually awards high school seniors a scholarship for college. He is the creator and host of an annual Youth Empowerment Seminar held in Miami which helps teens succeed in school, careers, and leadership.

With over a decade of experience empowering teens, Nick has risen in notoriety to a national level as a teen expert. He was a featured speaker at a TEDx Conference; he’s delivered messages for “The Summer Groove” hosted by Alonzo Mourning and Dwyane Wade and the University of Miami and has spoken to hundreds of thousands of teenagers live.

Your Audience

“Unleash Your Zebra,” is the message audiences feel after listening to one of Nick’s life-altering power-packed messages. In his high-energy, fun-filled and interactive talks, Nick provides practical but compelling information that takes his audiences to new levels of success.


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