How To Deal With A Troubled Teen

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Dealing with a troubled teen is never an easy thing to do. It can be very overwhelming to have a teen who is violent, abusing drugs, depressed, alcoholic, violent, or engaging is other reckless behaviors. The act of staying away all night and worrying about your teen’s whereabouts or who he or she might be with and what they are doing may even make you feel exhausted.

The open defiance, the endless fights and failed attempts to communicate can also make you despair. The most prevalent factor affecting troubled teens is depression. Along with depression, there are other risk factors including suicide risk, low-self esteem, lack of motivation in all aspects of life and substance abuse. As a common teenage problem, statistics show that at any given time, about 5 percent of adolescents suffer from major depression.

The task of parenting a troubled teen may seem like an impossible task, especially if your teen’s violent mood swings and explosive anger is making you live in fear. To help ease the chaos at home, here are some steps you can take to deal with a troubled teen.

1. Look for the Source

This is the first step of action to take whenever you are faced with the challenges of dealing with a troubled teen. Some of these symptoms are visible including skipping school, lying and sneaking out of the home. While trying not to allow your troubled teen get away with them, it is important to set limits on what you do and don’t allow. Take time to ask questions, pay attention and seek the source of the behavior. If you must deal with those teenage problems that seem to turn your world upside down, then you must endeavor to find the source.

2. Communicate with others in your teen’s circle

A good place to start is with the parents of your teen’s friends as well as your neighbors. Learning about your teen’s sphere of influence with peers will give you a wider and clearer view of the situation. Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to open up about your concerns to friends and neighbors this can help to provide you with valuable resources of information. They can be a source of support to you as they probably might have been there too.

3. Practice Empathy

It is not easy to be a teenager and you must always remember that it is a tough stage in life. A great way to effectively deal with a troubled teen is to put yourself in their shoes regardless of the kind of problems you and your teen are faced with. Even when the going may seem to be very difficult, tough and stressful, practicing empathy is essential as it helps you to have an open mind and keep a soft heart toward your child.

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