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It is truly important for teens to be given many opportunities to build and grow their confidence; for then they will be able to become teens who are able to lead in different activities and groups with confidence.

One thing that helps teens to be able to gain confidence is to be able to learn well. Students who do not feel confident about their learning ability seem to be more less likely to participate in answering questions and in taking other leadership roles in groups and activities outside the classroom. This is not always the case. But studies have shown that this happens quite frequently.

But teachers can help to instill confidence in their students by implementing various creative teaching strategies. Teachers indeed do possess a very powerful influence over students for good. Therefore a good teacher will do his or her best to help their students to be confident and proud of themselves and their accomplishments.

This does not mean that a teacher is trying to make students obnoxious or braggarts or arrogant. This means the students are rather becoming healthy, well rounded individuals who are happy and who are able to accept themselves, which are important qualities to have in order for students to be successful and also to even become successful as adults.


Research shows that indeed teachers play a vital role in the success of how well students do in life after they leave school. Students often reflect on how teachers really impacted their lives.

Emmanuel G. says, “I had moved to a school from a whole different state. It was a hard time for me, because my dad had died before we moved and we left all our relatives and friends behind. I had bad grades at my old school. I missed everyone so much, but my mom had no choice to move to this new city in order to fulfill her new job promotion in order to be able to supply financially for us six kids. Boy, was it hard! But then there was my teacher that year, who made all the difference. She really stands out. And it is several years since I have graduated now. She really helped me with confidence, my grades and so much. She even sent cards to her students on birthdays and holidays. That is how much she invested in us as her students and it made a real difference. Now I help a lot of youth at the youth community center and I can say it is because of the impact that my teacher made on my life.”

Teens, when your teacher tells you to try again, your teacher is not trying to be too hard on you and is not trying to be mean. Your teacher cares and is trying to help you to be your best. Your teacher believes in you.

You must believe in yourself too. Trying, not quitting and doing your best will help you to be able to lead with confidence.

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