Succeed Like A Zebra


Are you ready to succeed like a zebra — in high school and beyond? Do you want better results — in high school and beyond? Would you like to like with greater confidence — in high school and beyond? No two zebras have the same stripes just like no two humans have the same exact strengths. You will learn how to be a standout success in school and beyond. No need to follow the crowd. No need to fit in. You are more than enough. High school is one of the most exciting and challenging times of your life. When you prepare yourself by maximizing every day, week, and month, then every lesson you learn will help build a strong foundation for your future. You can construct a springboard that will catapult you to greater success in college and the “real world” beyond. With over fifteen years working with teens as a youth worker, teacher, and motivational speaker, Nick knows what it takes to be a standout success. He shares his life story as well as those he has mentored. Succeed Like A Zebra is the ultimate student success guide. The thirty proven strategies will help you make your high school years the most enjoyable and exciting time of your life. You will learn how to:boost your grades, win scholarships, improve your relationships with your friends, parents, and teachers, lead with confidence,craft a stellar resume, and so much more! Invest in yourself and join hundreds of others who have implemented the strategies in this book. Earn your stripes today, by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking on “Buy Now.”

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