Hey, I’m Nick Zizi Your Z-Coach.

I’m going to teach your students how to lead and succeed first on campus then in life. I will show them how to live like Zebras. Zebras are confident leaders who embrace their uniqueness and understand their potential and purpose.

And because of my success, I was a featured TEDx speaker if you would like to also have these programs at your school, see below.


I’m frequently invited to speak in the following situations:

  • School assemblies
  • Leadership conferences
  • Orientation and welcome-back programs
  • Career fairs for students
  • Graduation and commencement programs
  • Educator workshops or training

Give your students the inspiration and tools to reach higher levels of achievement and self-worth.

Your Students will learn the ZEBRA Method™ for Success!

Unleash Your Zebra™ - High-Energy Student Achievement Assembly

Ideal Audience: Teens/ Young Adults/ Student Leadership Groups

Length: 45-60 minute keynote to give your students the inspiration and tools to reach higher levels of achievement and self-worth. This high-energy and power-packed presentation is for all of your students. Too many teens are trying too hard to fit in. Nick uses the Zebra as a metaphor for their potential and uniqueness. No two zebras are the same, just like no two humans are the same. Nick shares personal stories and stories of other successful people who have chosen to Unleash their Zebra to motivate your students to succeed in school and life. When your students understand their Z-Print, they will be more confident and clearer on where they are going. As a result, your students will perform better, hence, Z to A.

Students will walk away with:

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Insight to make the right choices
  • The ZEBRA method needed to succeed in school and life
  • The why and how of goal setting
  • The power of friendships and how to choose your dream team

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Lead Like a Zebra™ - Student Leadership Assembly

Student Leadership Assembly & Workshop

Audience: Teens or young adults

Length: 45-60 minutes

Everything rises and falls on leadership. A Zebra will lead from behind, and make an impact in their organizations, schools, and workplaces. In this presentation, even if the students don’t see themselves as “born” to lead they will come to realize that they can. Leadership is not a position or title, but an attitude. Nick will share the top qualities of successful Zebra leaders and how they can implement it into their leadership style.

Topics covered in Lead Like a Zebra include…

  • Leading self-first
  • The why and how of vision and purpose
  • Cultivating the qualities of today’s top leaders
  • Leading others with integrity even when it’s not “cool”
  • Being a responsible leader
  • The ZEBRA leadership method

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Be A Zebra™ - Student Success Anti-Bullying Campaign

Middle schools and high schools: 45 mins

Be A Zebra will change the culture in your school forever! This inspiring message will challenge your students to make a difference one act of kindness at a time.


Nick “Zebra” Zizi will break down how to make a positive difference in the world by being the change they wish to see. This presentation will have your students cheering and committed to making a difference. He uses personal stories, visuals, and engaging exercises to reinforce the message. There are three main qualities of Zebras that Nick draws from. They are P.V.S.: Power to make a difference, Vision- focusing on the good, serving one another.

Key Takeaways

  • Loving themselves
  • The power to make a difference
  • How to focus on the good, even when mistreated
  • Service through acts of kindness

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Teach Like A Zebra™ - Teacher Workshop

Teach Like A ZEBRA.

Keeping teachers motivated is just as important as keeping students motivated. With 50% of new teachers leaving the field in their first five years, teacher burnout is a reality. Help your K-12 teachers keep their passion for education.

  • You’re job as a teacher is THE most important career in the world!
  • Don’t give up on any student! EVERY child has potential!
  • It’s not what happens to you in life that matters, it’s what you do about what happens to you that makes the difference!
  • Revive your passion for relationship-building, and moving beyond “sensitivity” to “an understanding.”
  • Recognize “blindspots” and become more creative with limited resources.

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