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5 Reasons to Book Nick Zizi

High Energy and Interactive

Your Audience is in for a treat. Nick Zizi’s talks are like roller coaster rides, filled with excitement, fun and content.

Relatable and Real

Nick connects with audiences through his personal struggles and victories

Unique Perspective

He helps audiences across the nation find their Z-Print™ for success which enables them to go from Z to A to become confident leaders.

Proven Results

Nick has over a decade of experience empowering students across the nation. His mentees and audience members have gone on to start businesses, earn full ride scholarships, bring up their grades and best of all, become confident leaders.


Known as the easiest speaker to work with in America. He wants to make booking and working with him the easiest part of your job.

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Youth expert, radio personality and author


Nick Zizi is a youth motivation expert. If you need a speaker for your upcoming event, Nick Zizi is the one to book. His audiences include middle school and high school students, universities, and groups of educators and parents. His services are great for school assemblies, conferences, workshops, breakout sessions or any event where a speaker is needed.


If you are interested and would like to learn more, we’d be happy to schedule a time for you to talk with Nick. He has been a featured expert on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, HOT 105 FM and various media outlets and magazines. Submit your request today!


Creating More Possiblitiez

It’s easy to book Nick Zizi...

When results matter, Nick Zizi is the speaker you want for you upcoming meeting or conference! To book Nick for your next event, click on the request button to provide us with more information about your needs so that we can better serve you. We would be thrilled to speak to you about your audience, conference theme and objectives. We want to ensure that we have all the information necessary to help you create a memorable event.

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Looking for a speaker who will make a lasting impact?

Your students and staff will be actuated into a higher realm of achievement and self-worth. According to a recent study, 95% of teens feel inferior, 75% of girls reported engaging in negative activities such as disordered eating, cutting, bullying, smoking and/or drinking when feeling bad about themselves. Nick Zizi has helped thousands of teens find their Z-print. He uses the Zebra as a metaphor for uniqueness and potential. No two zebras have the same stripes, just like no two humans have the same fingerprints.

Understand your Z-print

Those who understand their Z-print, and have a clear understanding of who they are, can then understand where they’re going. Nick Zizi opens up options for them. Nick has discovered that teens don’t know who they are because they are talking and texting so much, and instead are trying to emulate people they see. This generation doesn’t know who they are.


Before they can succeed, they have to be aware of their Z-print. What will happen is teens will be more confident and have a better understanding of where they are going. Your students will have a higher respect for themselves, which will prevent them from engaging in bullying, drugs and things of that nature. It’s been proven that students who have a clear vision do better than those who don’t. They perform better in school and life. That’s where Nick Zizi comes in.

Nick goes beyond just “motivation”

It’s not fluff. Unlike other motivational speakers who just repeat worn-out phrases and talk about just believing, Nick goes beyond just “motivation,” he gives people the tools needed to succeed. True lasting change occurs after the hype has dissipated. Nick “Zebra” Zizi, also known as “Your Z-Coach,” empowers students all over the nation to go from Z to A. He believes every student can unleash his or her Zebra.


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Nick Zizi is president and founder of Nick Zizi Enterprises. He was born and raised in Miami-Dade County, and is the product of the public school system. Growing up, Nick’s parents instilled the value of a college education and insisted early on that it was the gateway to a promising future. Upon completing high school, Nick was faced with many obstacles to getting into college, the first being the high cost of secondary education. Nick struggled to get through school, had to pay much of his tuition and fees out of pocket. It was at that time that Nick made a conscious decision that if he became successful in life, he would pave the way for others who strive to better their lives as well. As a business professional, Nick understands the concept of hard work and the importance of giving back.


In establishing the Nick Zizi Foundation, Nick hopes to alleviate the burdens of increasingly high costs of college expenses by making a contribution to the efforts of a college bound student. To be eligible for the Nick Zizi Scholarship Foundation, a candidate must comply with all of the requirements noted in the application form.


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